// short is my date, but deathless my renown. //

7 For Hellas - A Playground
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and as for fate, I'm sure no man escapes it;

consider this a chillout room where characters from greek mythology come out to play. to maximise funtimes for all, please keep these guidelines in mind~

  1. be civil; it's highly likely that any two given characters aren't going to get along - greek mythology isn't known for its' lack of drama - and that's fine. but personal attacks and flaming of other players is bad form.

  2. tagging; please tag your posts according to: [character] and [time period], (modern or other) and [player] (your name or anonymous or guest). for non-character/ooc posts, please use the appropriate [misc] tags.

  3. joining; hellenist members and friends are welcome, as are players considering/intendng to app there!

  4. modly matters; this part is presently under construction, please check back in a short while!

  5. eat cake & profit!